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Ivan, Milano Italy: CD Sound Improver

Hi Reiner, I received AudioDesk CD Sound Improver. Thanks for amazing service. I've organized the listening blindfold test (with my audio pals). We've tested 4 "normal" CD's and 4 identical, but "bevelled" CD's - One of us was changing CD's while the other two listened. The listening panel had no clue which Cd is playing, the "normal" CD or bevelled Cd's. The difference was so evident that blindfold listeners noticed in about 20 seconds whether CD is bevelled or not! Listening panel had NEVER ever made the single mistake. 100% of listeners "guessed" almost immediately the difference. Since 100% can't be neither "guessed" nor "subjective" - I must say - YES it works! And SOME!!!!!!!

Dienstag, 06. Februar 2007
Th.E, Heidelberg: CD Sound Improver

So nun kann ich den CD Improver auch mein eigen nennen.
Seit ich meine CD´s entsprechend bearbeite kann ich von einer wesentlichen Steigerung im Klangbereich/Dynamik mit Freude berichten!

Die Möglichkeit welche sich mir nun hiermit eröffnen, ist beeindruckend.

Gruss Th.E

Freitag, 12. Januar 2007
Antonio Riberiro, Portugal: CD Sound Improver

Mine arrived last night...

Huge outer box, very well packed, first tried on a Pink Floyd DVD, to make sure
I didnt screw-up any of my favourite discs...

Felt like one curtain was removed, played subjectively louder, more detail,
didnt pay much attention to image, but colours appear more vivid...

All my test where before and after, I have no duplicate discs...

Then my reference 4 stations SACD with vintage instruments, including

Played the first track, then with High Fidelity Pur White-Mirror CD-Mat, could
ear the harpsichord more detailed, notes before sounded kind of incomplete,
like the decay didnt play to the end, now they where more fluid, mids
noticeably better...

Then shaved and painted the disc edge, again, curtain lifted, sounded louder,
harpsichord detail there, mids even better, creamier, if you know what I mean,
goose bumps big time...

CD-Mat on top, no noticeable difference now...

Treated 4 more SACDs + 1 DVD, besides the mentioned improvement, I also noticed
that bass is sharper, better defined, tried the CD-mat again, with a Rosa
Passos and Ben Carter disc, and bass got worst as before treatment...

Donnerstag, 09. November 2006
Andrej Sporin, Slovenia: CD Sound Improver

I received CD Suond Improver jesterday.It is a great product with fantastic results.

Best regards.

Andrej Sporin

Mittwoch, 20. September 2006
Larry Toy, USA: CD Sound Improver

Reiner, I have been blown away by the improvement in the sound of my CD's. I am a vinyl person with about 12 times as many records as CD's - almost all classical, and I am finding that after using the CD Cutter, I am listening to CD's with an appreciation previously reserved for vinyl. Also your customer service has been exemplary. Thanks.

Mittwoch, 20. September 2006
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